hi there, and welcome to everyday banting

The everyday banting recipes – favourite family food the Banting way –  is the result of 50 years of practical experience of cooking for a family combined with my relatively recent conversion to the Banting lifestyle.

I am not a cordon bleu chef, nor a very sophisticated cook but I do like to eat wholesome and tasty food, and so have made an effort to learn how to do that. Fortunately, I have always been keen on cooking, and since the beginning of February 2014, when I started to see the benefits of everyday Banting on my and my partner’s weight and his diabetes, I grew increasingly determined to find a way to make the modern Banting approach work as painlessly as possible in our household so we could stick to it permanently.

I hope it enables you to make Banting an easier lifestyle for your family too, whether it is to cater for a teenager not wanting to stand out from her friends, a husband longing for familiar foods, or your own need for a quick sandwich on a busy day… Essentially, I hope this book helps you to Bant more easily – enjoy!

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