I am an Alexander Technique teacher and a transformational Life Coach with a practice in Johannesburg, where I live with my partner Rob. My early years were spent growing up in Canada but I have lived in South Africa, mainly in Cape Town, for the majority of my adult life and have raised my family here.

I have struggled all my life with an eating disorder, swinging between anorexia and compulsive eating since a teenager. My attempts to ‘eat healthy’ by following the dietary guidelines that have been the given standard for the past 40 years resulted in my weight progressively ballooning from an anorexic 50kgs to a whopping 155kgs and also developing a severe case of insulin resistance. This weight gain also resulted in decades of yo-yo dieting and endless attempts to find the ‘right’ way to eat, as well as a great deal of personal anguish.

Only since finding my way to Banting in early 2014, thanks to the awareness generated by Professor Tim Noakes and the publication of the Real Meal Revolution (find it on the list of books under resources on https://www.thenoakesfoundation.org/), have I been able to lose weight steadily and easily, without loss of energy or any sense of deprivation. And my health has improved progressively, as every month has passed. (As of 2017, according to my doctor, I now have the best blood-test results in my entire adult life!)

That, combined with the immensely positive effect on my partner’s health over the first year, fuelled my determination to find a way to make Banting our permanent lifestyle by expanding the range of recipes available and developing tasty and practical alternatives to familiar everyday family food that were easy to make and affordable. The desire to help make the same positive changes possible for others has been the incentive that make the everyday banting recipe book happen.