My partner, a Type II Diabetic, was able to steadily reduce his diabetes medication (from almost 200 units of injected insulin a day at the end of 2013 to nothing and from loads of other diabetic medication to none at all a year later) thanks to Banting. And as of August 2017, he has also lost a whopping total of 75kgs and now weighs less than he ever has since his 20s.

He still has the ‘insulin tummy’ caused by local fat accumulation around injected insulin, but even that is starting to shrink significantly now.

My own life-long eating disorder, driven by chronic hunger underpinned by severe insulin-resistance, has subsided to a manageable murmur by eating the LCHF/Banting way – as of August 2017, I have lost over 30 kgs since I started Banting in March 2014, mainly from my waistline, where it matters most. I intend to keep on losing until I am back to a healthy weight, a desire that I have had for decades that now finally seems achievable.

More importantly, my blood test results have never been better in my entire adult life, my triglycerides are consistently around 1 after many years of 3 or 4, and my auto-immune disease has been reversed, after 45 years!

I still have more weight to lose, but have never felt healthier or more energetic, and I am now in my 60s!