The basics of Banting are covered in the recipe book along with the essential do’s and don’ts, and there is a lot of practical information on how to get started, stock up, cope with the need for quick meals and some suggestions for easy entertaining using the recipes from the book.

However, we strongly recommend getting the support of others who have lots of practical experience with this lifestyle. There are a number of big Banting Facebook groups, such as Banting 7 Day Meal Plans  and Banting for Weight Loss , who offer free support and lots of good practical advice, and there is no cost to join.

We have our own Facebook page, Everyday Banting Cookbook , which will keep you updated on any new recipe books we may publish and give you more ideas of how to expand the recipes in the book, as well as everydaybanting  on Instagram.

We also strongly advise getting your personal copy of the Real Meal Revolution, the book that started the Banting ball rolling, which explains the science behind this way of eating, and gives the relevant green/orange/red lists. If you want practical detailed help, we also strongly recommend the Pocket Guide to Banting, which also contains the lists.

You can find both of these on the list of books under resources on